Meet David Mervar

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David Mervar is first and foremost, a follower of Jesus Christ.

Originally from Indianapolis, he moved to Fort Wayne when he married his wife, Rebecca. David and Rebecca have been married for 32 years.

They have five children, Nathaniel, Katelyn, Christopher, Sarah and Isaiah.

One also cannot forget the family cat and dog, Liberty and Justice!
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David has served the Fort Wayne community in many ways, as a husband, father, realtor, landscaper, and Bible study teacher.

As a husband and father, David enjoys taking trips with his family in their travel trailer. He and his family have visited a wide variety of places, from our nation's Capitol in Washington D.C., touring the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum in Kentucky, attending a four-day defensive handgun course in Pahrump, Nevada, or seeing the beauty of God's creation at the top of Pike's Peak in Colorado.

He always enjoys meeting fellow patriots, who love God and the values for which America has historically stood.
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In his spare time, David enjoys working in his yard, being the handy-man around the house and spending time with his family, whether that be through family walks, a competitive board game or a family movie night.
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Indiana has historically been a Republican State and has lulled many of us into a false sense of security.

The China Virus of 2020 was a major awakening factor for David and his family. He started paying attention to how his State Rep voted, instead of simply listening to what he said in campaign videos, radio interviews and what was written on the shiny campaign postcard. David found his words and actions were two completely different things.

The incumbent's record was abysmal, from pro-life to medical freedom to taxes to gun rights.
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This led David to run for State Representative in 2022. David ran on a simple, four tenet platform: end abortion, medical freedom, patriotic education and constitutional carry.

Despite not winning the primary, one would think the incumbent would be a little more diligent to vote as Republican ought, right? Think again.

The incumbent is still not voting as a genuine, Christian conservative Republican should and this has led David to run once again for State Represenative.
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David Mervar is running, not because he is looking for a title or power, but because he believes that State Representatives should fear God, keep their campaign promises and stand up for the rights of Hoosiers, not for lobbyists or big corporations.

Join David Mervar, as we sacrifice our today to preserve the tomorrow of our posterity!
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We mutally pledge to each other, our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor."
Declaration of Independence