Introduction to David's Desk

Welcome to David's Desk!

As Big Tech continues to censor Christian, conservative content, the right to practice the inalienable right of freedom of speech has become more difficult.

Desk with a Keyboard & Coffee
I have had many people tell me I need a Facebook account or something similar to communicate with the voters of the 81st District.

However, in good conscience I cannot join a Big Tech platform.

One of my four core issues is "Patriotic Education" and Big Tech is firmly opposed to this.

Zuckerberg, the current CEO of Facebook, is also the founder of "The Zuckerberg Initiative." This foundation is funding everything we as Christian conservatives are fighting against in our public school systems.

By participating in Big Tech platforms, we are giving money to the very things and groups seeking to tear down our beloved America.

Yet, we are not without options!

Here on David's Desk, you can keep updated on our campaign, hear more about the values I stand for, and why it is time to replace the current incumbent of the 81st district.

As a Christian, husband, father, patriotic American citizen, a true Republican and local businessman, I look forward to connecting with you!