Everyday Hoosier Patriots Back Mervar

My family and I are proud that we are running a grassroots, constituent-funded campaign!

Below is a small sampling of what everyday Hoosier patriots are saying!

The RINO Hunter Fami
"David, us fixed income folks await those monthly stipends before writing checks. Good luck!"

"Good morning brother Dave,
Prayers for you and your family as you fight for our freedoms and continue to put God first. May He provide you wisdom and protection. God bless."

"Dave, Thanks for letting me partner with you in this! Praying for your journey and your efforts! God bless."

"We were excited to hear this amazing news! Praying for a successful campaign with lifelong benefits no matter the outcome. On to Victory!"

"David, I'm so happy to hear you are running. I don't have much to give, but I'm sure every penny helps. You have my VOTE! Thank you for standing up for what is right and speaking for 'We the People.' God bless you and your family."

"David, Lord bless you and Family in your endeavor. Yes on the Yard SIGN!"

"A bulb is out in the chandelier at the State Capitol on the House Floor…some say it means a big red wave is coming to replace the RINO [Republican in name only] incumbents."

"I was called to offer encouragement as you have been called to lead, Dave. You're fighting an uphill battle, and I'm there for you in the battle. Walk in God's light my friend."